Enterprise Blueprint

Enterprise Blueprint

The United Daily News Group (UDN Group), now Taiwan’s largest privately-operated Chinese-language media group, evolved from a daily newspaper and gradually expanded to six newspaper brands as well as digital news platforms. Based on such solid foundation, the Group explored further possibilities in providing contents and services beyond news with its expertise in journalism and knowledge of various industries.

The graph below illustrates the enterprise blueprint of the UDN Group in a 3-ring structure, with content as core, and dedicating to digital media development and multifaceted business expansion.



The United Daily News Group comprises six newspapers: United Daily News, the Economic Daily News, the United Evening News and Upaper (metro tabloid) in Taiwan, as well as World Journal and Universal Daily News for overseas readers.

The predecessor of United Daily News (UDN) was the United Edition of three newspapers: The People’s News, All Citizen’s Daily, and Economic Times, which merged in 1951. Circulation at the time was 12,000 copies, and by 1986 the number had topped 1.5 million, making UDN Taiwan’s largest newspaper that year and until this day the UDN Group remains Taiwan’s largest privately-operated Chinese- language newspaper group.

Founded in 1967, Economic Daily News (EDN) is the most circulated professional economic and financial newspaper in Taiwan. Over the past 50 years, EDN has continued to provide accurate and in-depth contents at real-time, in multi-media forms and on all platforms - newspaper, website, mobile app and social media. Widely recognized for its expertise in journalism, EDN enjoys a large user base including entrepreneurs, executives, professionals and investors, and has won numerous awards. The newspaper has now evolved into a financial media group that encompasses news, events, publication and much more. For more details, please see below: Diversified Business – Finance.

United Evening News (UEN) was first printed in 1988 and is now the only evening newspaper in Taiwan, providing the latest securities and investment news in print after the stock market closes. It has pioneered in horizontal layout of news articles and in printing names of each journalist to hold them accountable for their writings.

To serve the Chinese-speaking community globally, the World Journal was launched in 1976 with headquarters in New York and branch offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, while Universal Daily News headquartered in Bangkok serves readers in Southeast Asia. The World Journal is the largest Chinese language newspaper in North America and one of the few daily newspapers that is distributed across the U.S. The crucial role it plays in immigrants’ adaptation to the local communities has been praised by the former U.S. President George W. Bush and Mr. Jean Chrétien, former Prime Minister of Canada.

Digital Media

For more than a decade, the UDN Group has dedicated to digital convergence, aiming at providing services that users need, at anytime, anywhere, and through appropriate vehicles. Therefore, in addition to the major news website udn.com, which is Responsive Web Designed (RWD) and thus mobile-friendly, various apps have been developed to cover news services and beyond, including finance, lifestyle, reading, shopping, travel, events and ticketing, providing various services to address each aspect of life today.

The udn.com news website is the UDN Group’s future media locomotive. It is more than just an online edition of a newspaper, but is also an Internet medium directed toward digital convergence. In addition to e-versions of daily news articles as printed on the Group’s newspapers, there are more and more digital contents including videos and multi-media presentations. udn.com ranks the second highest in website traffic under the category “news media” by broadband connection and the third highest by mobile connection in the “Web 100” ranking by Business Next in 2016.

As one of the largest content providers in the Chinese digital world, the UDN group provides more than 1,000 pieces of breaking news and over 100 pieces of audiovisual news daily, all of which are archived into udn data, the largest news database in Taiwan and home to more than 12.5 million articles and 7.7 million file photos as of August 2017.

The UDN Group launched its publication and reading services with an aspiration to expand the Group’s content beyond news. udn Reading provides a diverse e-reading service comprising tens of thousands of e-book titles, including those from the Group’s publishing houses (see below) and collaborators, along with a plentiful assortment of e-magazines and electronic newspapers.

As an essential part of the UDN Group’s digital convergence, udn TV was established in 2010 to produce live-broadcasting, stand-alone audiovisual contents and those to be integrated with texts, photos, graphics and sometimes interactives to form multimedia news reporting. The high quality contents including breaking news, in-depth discussion on international issues, programs on health, art, fashion, social issues and so on have attracted a group of loyal viewers. UDN TV used to be present on cable tv channel, smart tv, official website, YouTube, mobile app, and is now more focused on curating video contents in formats that better cater to the users’ needs and interests.


Diversified Business

From a single newspaper, Economic Daily News (EDN) has diversified and expanded over the past decades into the EDN financial media group, which offers integrated services under the UDN Group ranging from digital and print news, events including forums, exhibitions and lectures, as well as publications of books, periodicals and yearbooks.

EDN organizes more than 20 large-scale exhibitions and forums on economic, financial and industrial themes each year. With its signature annual event the Master Forum, EDN has in the past 10 years hosted 15 Nobel Laureates in Economic Sciences, including the game theory expert Dr. Eric S. Maskin; global economic visionary Dr. Paul Krugman; and in 2017, Dr. Oliver Hart who spoke on the topic of contract theory.

EDN is also dedicated to professional publication. Among the most iconic of the paper’s publications are the Economic Yearbook, the first of its kind in Taiwan and dating back to 1976, as well as the Finance & Securities Yearbook first published in 1992, which have both become important references for the history of economic development in Taiwan.

udn FunLife was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the UDN Group’s event functions, in order to better fulfill its mission of “Bringing the World to Taiwan.” In recent years, it has hosted large-scale cultural events, such as performances by Cirque de Soleil and Cavalia; classic musicals including “Notre Dame de Paris” and “Chicago”; exhibitions featuring paintings of Jean-Francois Millet, Vincent van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso, Studio Ghibli collections, an animated version of the 12th-century masterpiece Qingming Festival Riverside Scene painting in collaboration with the Shanghai World Expo, and so much more.

The UDN Shopping website was launched in 2011 to tap into the e-commerce market, and has now evolved into one of Taiwan’s more prominent online purchase platforms. In addition to displaying and selling various commodities UDN Shopping also works with charities to raise funds and promotes quality produce from local farmers.

The uDesign website is a cultural and creative e-commerce platform that brings together brand-name Taiwanese and international designers. It works with Red Dot and Good Design Award to provide latest updates in the design arena, making the concepts and designs of the creators better known to the public, in order to foster support for them and boost their international visibility.

udn Tickets is a website vending tickets for exhibitions and performances that integrates big data, multi-media and targeted marketing strategies to provide comprehensive ticket sales and promotion via an online platform.

Linking Publishing Co. is dedicated to publishing outstanding books and magazines, with signature writers including best-selling author of “The Lord of the Rings” J.R.R. Tolkien and the Nobel Literature Laureate Gao Xingjian.

The Shanghai Bookstore specializes in importing the most recent editions of books published in the Chinese mainland. Unitas is a literary publishing company that has won numerous Golden Tripod Awards, the highest honor in Taiwan’s publishing industry (with over 1,000 titles submitted for less than 2 dozen awards each year), making it a prime mover in the development of Taiwan’s literature.

American educational reformer John Dewey said “"Education is a process of living and not a preparation for future living” Since 2003 the United Daily News has dedicated a page to educational materials for youth and launched an independent Student Weekly in 2009. UDN’s education division also organizes writing classrooms and the UDN Cup National Composition Competition, which attracts participation of tens of thousands of students annually. With the brand name Educoco, it provides high school teachers and students with a platform that enhances learning through online social interactions. UDN also maintains a Mandarin learning website named IQ Chinese, which provides both online resources and one-month long camp that allows learning of the Chinese language and culture in actual settings.


The udn Productions platform produces high-quality dramas. The most recent production “High 5” broke the record as the most viewed Taiwanese drama series on the online video streaming platform iQiYi and recorded 400 million hits on Youku. The first ever documentary produced in 4K resolution in Taiwan “Documenting Victory in Etching” was produced to mark the 90th anniversary of the National Palace Museum in Taipei, and received bronze medal under the Arts/Cultural category at the 49th WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

The udn Celebrity-Guided Fun Travel website was launched in 2012, which features trips designed and guided by experts in various fields such as food, wine, photography, classic music and ecology, who bring a fresh and unique touch to each of the trips. In 2015, the project evolved into a travel division within the UDN Group, uTravel, which continues to promote in-depth lifestyle experience and aesthetic forms of travel. uTravel also plans overseas summer camps and winter camps for students, under the brand name udn Camp, with features ranging from NBA, NASA space science, forensics with Dr. Henry Chang-Yu Lee, etc.

Since Taiwan is transitioning into an aging society, the UDN Group has dedicated contents and events to help readers live better, healthier lives. In addition to a full page on health issues in the daily newspaper (with more digital contents at health.udn.com) and the Genki Weekly that has won several awards from the Society for News Design, the health division also works with government offices and health centers on organizing health-related forums and publishes books to raise awareness in many areas of health. The division also provides multi-platform marketing services to suppliers in the medical and health industries.


Apart from the brands specified above, the UDN Group also includes cultural and charity foundations, entities specializing in marketing research, digital services, printing, transportation and so on. OMNIsight, is a spin-off company that centers on data analytics, providing scientific solutions via social networking strategy and aiming at expanding its services into the area of digital marketing.

Last modified:2018-01-05